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The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead


Charts Only People Who Live In Westeros Will Understand.

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Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture, 2014

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what a time to be alive.


what a time to be alive.

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3/100 photographs of Grace Kelly

3/100 photographs of Grace Kelly

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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ alexander mcqueen fall 2010

Pretty sure Alexander McQueen would have been Cersei Lannister’s tailor.

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You know, we did a scene where she comes to the DEA office and he sees [Marie], and it’s great because you never see him call her and I don’t think he ever did. She just knew that that day was going to be a bad day, and it almost makes me tear up just thinking about it, that she’s such a sweet wife that she knew on that day that she needed to be there….

And going back to that, I said, “Let’s not even practice.” Usually I’m not so methody-weird like that, but for that scene I knew that all I had to do on that day, all I needed, was for the first time just to see her and look in her eyes, and then I’d start crying. That scene took just one take. — Dean Norris [x]

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flagitious /fləˈdʒɪʃəs/ adj.
1. (of a person or their actions) criminal; shamefully wicked; villainous.

The beautiful United States of America

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1950s/1960s Vintage Christmas Cards: part three

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